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eReader experience

THE DIScworld reader’s kit


Enhancing the reader’s experience when using an eInk eReader. The kit contains multiple elements to provide new insight into the narration.

Illustrated by Paul Kidby (Pratchett's official illustrator), the collectible cards not only contain information about the character, they also have a code to blocked content on a website.


Once the QRCode flashed and the password entered, the website’s contents will either display more information relating to the Discworld or reflections to the narration from our own world.

Terry Pratchett loved leaving footnotes throughout his text, adding hilarious comments to his stories. As it is somewhat difficult to read such footnotes when reading his novel on an eReader, they have been printed and turned into a game.


Each footnote has been assigned a pictogram. The top half can be found in the text, the bottom on the footnote’s card. The reader will thus need to match the right bottom half to the top in order to find the correct footnote left by Terry Pratchett.

Within Thud! one can find a malignant entity symbolizing wrath and murderous revenge. The Summoning Dark chases the main character, Vimes, throughout the novel, trying to enter his mind. We are all chased by such emotions, and we also have the ability to avoid them. This tracker helps us visualise these feelings over the period of a year, and thus help us train to protect ourselves against the Summoning Dark.


Vimes has a son to whom he reads from his favourite book every day at 6 pm, no excuses: “a good excuse leads to bad excuses.” Where’s My Cow? has been turned into a credit card sized mini book, inviting the Discworld reader to read it at 6 pm every day, no excuses.

While reading Thud!, the reader will also find words in bold that can then be found in the word-search. Remaining letters create a password to an other locked website containing freebies and information.


While reading the novel, the Kit’s user may need a bit of extra protection against the Summoning Dark. Save Your Soul is an essential oils potion that creates a protective barrier against evil spirits. It can also help relax.


Hair of the Dog, on the other hand, would have probably been needed by quite a few of the supernatural characters after their night of binge drinking.

Event branding



Every year, FreeWheel privatises a section of Cannes’ Croisette beach during the Cannes Lions festival. During the week, we set up our conference centre where we distribute knowledge (presentations) and gifts (swag of all kind) as well as great moments (parties) to our clients and prospects. This project is thus branded throughout,  from the invitation emails we sent previous to the festival, to the items used to decorate the centre.

During the week, we set up our own restaurant within our centre, where our sales reps could take clients and prospects to a delicious meal, prepared in our own kitchens on site.